About Laurent Lucuix

As a teenager, Laurent had the opportunity to work in a traditional darkroom, in which he learned to develop photographs. However, it was only as a young adult that he began to take a serious interest in photography - finding both a subtle, poetic expression and a source of endless pleasure within this art form. Above everything though, photography is a way that he uses to express emotions - to communicate sensitivity.


As a self-taught photographer from France, he decided to purchase his first reflex camera while living in the Caribbean. He then moved to Quebec, Canada and had the chance to work in a photography lab. With a burning desire to perfect his skills, he participated in online and live classes.


Several photographers have contributed to his evolution, either through their talent, their enthusiasm or their advice. Among them are Vincent Versace, Joe McNally, Steve McCurry and Gerhard Launer to name a few.


He has always sought to master the technology behind the pictures  in order to translate emotions. He has worked with many different cameras and brands. He always welcomes investigating new photographic equipment and enjoys learning new ways that allow him to express his inner vision. Throughout his many years in the field, he's worked with Canon, Mamiya, Minolta, Nikon, Hasselblad and currently, Sony. Today, he is using the Sony A7RIII to his delight.


Switching from analog to digital was a vital moment in his development as an artist. It opened up many doors towards exceptional creativity.


His work has been dubbed as "Exceptional" "Magnificent", Breath Taking" by art critics and the press.

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